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About me and this trip to Ghana

Here I am-a 38 year old education student whose life turned out a bit different than she first expected, getting ready to embark on a journey that I could not have fathomed a few years ago.  I am leaving my eight-year-old son behind (but in impeccable grandparently hands) and traveling with a group of like minded (and younger) students to Ghana for a two week study abroad stint.  We can’t wait to work with students and teachers in the local university and villlages and experience the hospitalilty of the Ghanians. Here’s hoping I have enough web access to report the happenings here!

5 Responses to “About me and this trip to Ghana”

  1. Best of luck, my thoughts and prayers will be with you daily. I know you will be blessed with a great experience. Can’t wait for further news. ML

  2. Have a fabulous time Christina! I can’t imagine the excitement you are feeling as you embark upon this journey. Take it all in and get ready to share with your future students.

  3. Hope the trip is going well. Anxious to read your 1st entry while in Ghana !!

  4. Well I am waiting for those pictures! LOL How is it over there? Are you surviving the heat and the 12 on 12 off electricity issue? Just wanted you to know I miss you….and I am sure you heard Michael Jackson died! Love you girl, T

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey. What a story you will have for the rest of your life!

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