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Did I really go to Ghana? (Sat., 7/11-Homeward Bound)

It still seems unbelievable to me that I just did what I did for the last two weeks. It has definitely been an adventure, but most of all it has been an incredible experience that I am proud to add to my life’s journey playbook. It has not gone without harrowing moments, like Amanda trying to sweep a lizard out of her room only to have it drop its tail and turn over and play dead, or Claire’s frightening encounter with a giant flying cockroach, or a bullfrog’s croak ejecting Kaitlyn out of her chair at dinner, or even the chance encounter with the gutter lizard. Together we have used enough bug spray to coat the city of Fredericksburg and filled our life’s quota of scary and bumpy bus rides. We have been lucky enough to meet some of the most generous and caring people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and been through many emotional ups and downs as we have witnessed the daily lives of the children and people of Winneba.

I thought of this trip as an adventure at first, but as I sit on the plane just barely 2 hours from American soil, I realize that it has actually been one of the most humbling, touching, and life altering experiences of my life so far (motherhood being the other one). I will be ever thankful for the opportunity that I have had and hope to be able to repeat it some day. Ultimately I have learned a few life lessons that I truly hope remain ingrained within me as I travel the rest of my life’s journey.

I have learned that if you set your mind to something that you truly care about, you can make it happen no matter the odds (witness Comfort’s drive to bring a love of reading and demonstrate the importance of it to her town).

I have learned that we are not that different after all, no matter where God places us on the planet. (I was a direct witness of that this morning as I saw people up at 5 am walking to work- we all have to take care of our families and ourselves no matter where we live).

I have learned that smiles are contagious and can create a connection between people, no matter what color your skin is.

I have learned that although our skin color, cultural beliefs, and even religious beliefs may be different, we are all in this together and diversity is what makes the world an interesting place to live.

I have learned to not form judgment of people and places until I see them for myself.

I have learned to be thankful for what I have and remember everyday how lucky I am to have the true treasures of life- friends and family.

And above all I have learned that trying to make a difference in people’s lives and helping in any way that you can matters. It is the small things that add up to big things that can eventually affect countless people.

Thank you for following my experiences in Ghana for the last two weeks. Over the next few days as I settle back into life in Virginia, I will post links to pictures, and hopefully the images will help to give you a clearer picture of the wonderful people and landscape of Ghana.- so please check back soon!

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One Response to “Did I really go to Ghana? (Sat., 7/11-Homeward Bound)”

  1. This post has brought tears to my eye. I came online to check my email and ended up reading this blog? God does work in wondrous ways.
    My church has been deeply involved with a small area of Ghana.

    I myself have never been. But listening to the stories and seeing the pictures have changed my perspective of life- what we have- what we need- and what they have- and what they need. But for God’s most wonderful grace……….