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One woman can make a difference (Sun, 7/5)

Today Comfort took us to the reading resource room that she created for students at the university and younger students who attend the local schools. As she explained how it all got started I realized what one person can do with determination behind them. It all started with a library in her home that she allowed children to visit after church and read and borrow what they liked. She then wanted to bring the love of reading to more people and searched on campus for a location. She found an old room used for storage and persuaded the university to let her use it…she had the ceiling redone, termites vacated, and brought carpenters in to build bookshelves. She ordered a small children’s size table with 6 chairs from one carpenter and he took off with the money, yet she kept on. The Virginia Reading Association sent many professional development books as well as many children’s books in a container that was being sent for missionary work (there is no guarantee that postage will get here) and another time they sent things to a reverend’s house a distance from here. She had to persuade the university to provide a truck to pick up the things and found the laptop that was sent for her with the supplies was missing (who knows where it ended up). In the end she created a wonderful haven for children to come and read for hours at a time. Three attendance books are full of names of those who have come and a record of their length of stay is given…some stayed for 5 hours. She does not allow children to borrow the books because they often are not returned. When you think about it, it isn’t like the conditions of some of their homes allow for the treatment of a book to trump other necessities and activities, but she is trying to teach these children the proper way to care for books so that some may borrow them. It is a small room but she has made it comfortable and cozy for those who come there, she even paid someone out of her own pocket to stay there when she couldn’t in order to keep it open longer hours. She also saw a need to improve the small public library in Winneba and hooked up with a church group from Birmingham, Alabama. They raised money for a new library and broke ground two years ago. Progress has been slow, however, and the chief is not working as closely with the project as she would like, but she still has hope that it will be completed. Her faith is unwavering. Her determination and fortitude is an inspiration and I aim to follow her words…”If you are part of the world, you should affect the world.”

Her one wish is to organize the reading resource center a bit better and we have decided to help her in that quest. We are going to try to get it done this week. There are a lot of books but also a lot of us. Tomorrow is the first day in the schools and we are all a bit nervous…can’t wait to fill you in! And remember, as Comfort has along the reading resource room walls…Read for fun, Read for information, read for life!

PS- just a quick follow up to the post about the trip to Elmina…I forgot to mention that as we were traveling home, we had to back up and turn around because one of the bridges was blocked off…come to find out that President Obama is visiting Cape Coast but not traveling a bit farther to the town of Elmina. The people there feel that the castle there is more significant than Cape Coast castle and they felt the need to protest, so the taxi drivers blocked off the bridge that leads to Elmina as a form of protest. –Just thought it was interesting 

Comfort's hard-fought reading resource room

Comfort's hard-fought reading resource room

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